Wine-Flavored Fruit Ice Cubes

Citrus, berries, and, depending on your choice of wine, a little pear and a little peach, come together for a bit of paradise. Easy to make and even easier to savor, these Wine-Flavored Fruit Ice Cubes won’t water down your drink as they melt. In fact, the drink just gets better!


  • 1 bottle of wine
  • 1 12 ounce bag frozen berries


  1. Scoop frozen fruit into ice cube trays and then pour wine into each slot about 3/4 full. Freeze the ice cubes for at least 4 hours.
  2. When ready to serve, gently remove the ice cubes from their slots using a table knife and transfer them carefully to drinking glasses. Pour wine into the glasses and serve.
  3. Cover remaining Wine-Flavored Fruit Ice Cubes and store in freezer for about 1-2 days.


  • Please note that yield will vary depending on size of ice cube trays.
  • I always work with two bottles – one for making the ice cubes and the other for pouring into the glasses. You can use two bottles of the same wine or mix and match as desired.