Spicy Avocado Scrambled Eggs {Paleo}

Spicy Avocado Scrambled Eggs are a delicious paleo breakfast recipe that is super-filling, easy to make, and perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner, too! Shake things up with salsa or homemade pico de gallo! Options included in the post! {Paleo}


  • 12 tablespoons coconut oil or olive oil
  • 68 eggs
  • 12 avocados, cut into wedges
  • 1/4 cup medium heat salsa or homemade pico de gallo
  • Sea salt and coarse black pepper, to taste


  1. Add a few tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil to a skillet and melt on a low heat (on a stove that measures up to 10, this would be about a 2-3). Crack 8 eggs into a bowl and stir them together. Pour the egg mixture into the warmed skillet. Let the eggs cook through slowly (keep the heat low).
  2. While the eggs warm up, slice an avocado into wedges. Once the yolk rises to the top and starts to turn orange, then gently scramble the eggs. Transfer them to a serving plate, add the avocado wedges, and drizzle the salsa or pico de gallo over the top. Sprinkle with sea salt and coarse black pepper.
  3. This breakfast recipe is best enjoyed right after it’s prepared.


  • Let the eggs cook over a LOW heat for several minutes (this could take as long as 15 minutes).
  • Don’t over-scramble the eggs. These eggs err on the softer, fluffier side, so the less they are handled, the better.