Healthy Charcuterie Board

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This dairy-free and gluten-free Healthy Charcuterie Board is festooned with salami, almond flour crackers, grapes, pomegranates, tomatoes, bell peppers, marinated olives, and Paleo Tzatziki Sauce. {Paleo-friendly}


I don’t measure specific amounts for any one ingredient. Mostly, I lay everything out and add until the board is covered, replenishing with leftovers as needed.


  1. Use a large serving tray or cutting board. Put sauces and spreads of choice in small dishes and place them opposite each other on the cutting board. This makes it easier for people to reach for food at the same time without bumping into one another.
  2. Spread crackers or paleo-friendly bread throughout the board. Like the sauces, the idea is to split the ingredients into multiple small sections so people can nibble without being right on top of each other.
  3. Pair veggies and fruits next to each other for a sweet and savory balance, especially if you include spreads and sauces that go with either food group. Allow about 15-30 minutes to lay everything out.
  4. Additionally, the recipes included in this Healthy Charcuterie Board can either be made ahead or take a matter of minutes to make.


If you would like to add additional flavors, or are looking for sauces, dips, and spreads to replace dairy, below are a few tasty choices!